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Watch OST Korean Drama The Best 2017 - Sountrack Korean Popular Drama Sad Make you cry MP4

Title:OST Korean Drama The Best 2017 - Sountrack Korean Popular Drama Sad Make you cry
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Lagu-lagu Korean Drama Terlaris dan Populer Di Indonesia 2017 - Ost Drama Korea 2017
Lagu-lagu Sountrack Korea Drama Populer Di Indonesia - Sedih dan Bikin Baper
00:00 This love (Descendants of The Sun OST) - Davichi
03:46 Fox Rain MV (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho OST) - Lee Sun Hee
07:48 Suddenly (City Hunter OST) - Kim Bo Kyung
11:31 The one Like You (Dating Agency Cyrano OST) - Jessica (SNSD)
15:45 Thorn Love (Empress Ki OST) - 4MEN
19:19 Love is Like That (Oh my venus OST) -Kei (Lovelyz)
23:35 It's Alright, It's Love (It's Okay, That's Love OST) - Davichi
27:39 A World That Is You (The Legend of the Blue Sea OST) - Yoon Mirae
31:06 Beautiful (Goblin OST) - Crush
34:43 Because I Miss You (Heartstrings OST) - Jung Yong Hwa
39:20 Love is The Moment - The Heirs OST
43:20 Forgetting You (Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST) - Davichi
46:34 Spring is gone (Girl Who Sees Smell OST) - Loco & Yuju
49:55 I Love You From Now On (Goblin OST) - Lee Seung Gi
53:31 Everytime (Descendants of The Sun OST) - Chen(EXO)&Punch
56:43 I'm Saying (The Heirs OST) - Lee Hong Ki
01:00:36 Touch Love (Master's Sun OST) - Yoon Mi Rae
01:04:42 Just Once (Empress Ki OST) - Soyu (Sistar)
01:08:52 Wei Xinyu - The Journey of Flower Ost
01:12:19 Biting My Lower Lip (The Heirs OST) - Esna
01:16:04 The only person (Pinocchio OST) - K.Will
01:19:24 The Person I Will Love - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST
01:23:47 Pinocchio (Pinocchio OST) - Roy Kim
01:27:20 Painful Love (The Heirs OST) - LEE MIN HO
01:31:13 You've Fallen For Me (Heartstrings OST) - Jung Yong Hwa(CNBlue)
01:34:23 l Love Casualty - The Journey Of Flower Ost
01:39:22 Xin Zhi Huo (Opening Theme Song Wind And Cloud) - Peng Jia Hui & F.I.R
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